If your home is located in one of the areas listed below, you are eligible to receive irrigation. If you currently are not receiving irrigation and would like to sign up or to change your schedule, please visit the sign up or cancellation page for your subdivision.

  • Circle G at Queen Creek
  • Pegasus
  • Orchard Ranch
  • Creek View Ranches
  • Queen Creek Ranchettes

If your home is located in one of the areas listed below, click on the subdivision in the map above for information about your neighborhood irrigation representative.

  • Adcox on Ellsworth
  • Arroyo De La Reina
  • Citrus Coves
  • K.E.M. Homes
  • The Groves of Queen Creek
  • San Tan 18 Appleby
  • Crismon Ranch
  • Cloud Road East and West
  • South Creek Ranch
  • Queen’s Park

Before you irrigate, it is important to perform the following steps to help you best utilize the irrigation you receive.

  • Laser level the area to be irrigated.
  • Mow grass before irrigation delivery.
  • Check berms to ensure you won’t lose any water; an unsecured berm will allow water to escape. Property owners are responsible for keeping water contained in their yard.
  • Make sure animals, vehicles and other precious items are out of harm’s way.
  • Remove all debris from the area to be irrigated that may clog gates, trenches or valves.
  • Do not order more water than your bermed area will hold.
  • Check for gopher holes. Water that escapes through a gopher hole could show up in an area you did not intend to irrigate. Items in that unintended area could get harmed or destroyed.
  • In areas where the irrigation department opens and closes valves on your property, access to your property on the specified irrigation day is critical. Should access be unavailable, water cannot be delivered. Irrigation charges will still apply.

For your consideration:
Irrigation is not a guaranteed process. For most of our users, water is ordered in advance from the Central Arizona Project (CAP) and delivered to us by the Queen Creek Irrigation District (QCID). From time to time, CAP, QCID or Town-owned irrigation wells are unable to deliver irrigation water due to necessary repairs. It can take weeks for the appropriate repairs to be completed. Therefore, we recommend installing a sprinkler system to cover those times when flood irrigation is unavailable.